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At JennHolmesArt your browsing and purchasing experience should be risk-free and you can be certain that your data is in no way sold or traded with other companies for marketing purposes. This Privacy Policy outlines in greater detail how may gather your data, how it is used and, under strict conditions, how it is disclosed with others in a secure manner, for analytical purposes only.


JennHolmesArt uses cookies to collect information about your browsing and purchasing behaviour when accessing this website. This includes information about the pages you have viewed, items selected, products bought, and your journey around the website. This is used for analytical purposes only and helps to improve the usability of the site.


When you visit, a tool called Google Analytics will collect data which illustrates how the website is being used. The data collected is not specific to you as an individual user. We do not attempt, nor do we allow others, to personally identify you.

MAILING LISTS uses a third-party provider named MailChimp to deliver all newsletters. This third-party tool provides the ability to track and improve all newsletters by understanding data such as which links were clicked, if or when e-mails were opened, and more. If you wish to see MailChimp’s Privacy Policy, please find this here.


You can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time by clicking on the link at the bottom of any email sent to you from


Orders are received and fulfilled by a third-party payment provider. The data collected relates directly to your order and its fulfillment and will not be used for marketing purposes unless your permission is directly given for JennHolmesArt to do so. ​ If you wish to know more about how your order details are used, please complete a contact form here with your query.


Apart from the above-mentioned third parties, does not share your data with any other third-party
company or organisation.

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