My artwork is mostly stylised, figurative, and takes reference from symbolism and mythology. I’m interested in the escapism of fantasy and storytelling; the abstraction of what’s real but also creating work as a means for healing and introspection. The time and effort it takes to create gives me space and I make art to channel my anxiety and learn or improve my skills. Because of this, I enjoy using a variety of mediums but most enjoy painting. My practice is also influenced by my studies and career in both graphic and interior design.


Beauty is an experience, it’s not the property of an object.” - Elina Gregoriou (Wellbeing in Interiors)


I've enjoyed creating from a young age. I left high school at sixteen to pursue my studies in art and spent
four years in art school. I started working as a graphic designer while pursuing my degree in Heritage Interior Design. Today I have a rewarding career using these skills at an architecture practice in Winchester. I'm grateful for having so many outlets for my creativity.