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Welcome to my Artists Portfolio. My artwork is mostly stylised, figurative, and takes references from symbolism and mythology. I’m interested in the escapism of fantasy and storytelling and creating work as a means for healing and introspection. My art practice is influenced by my studies and career in both graphic and interior design but making art gives me space to channel my feelings and improve my skills. As a visual artist, I encourage imagination, memory, and self-reflection for others to shape interpretations of my artwork. I enjoy using a variety of mediums but most enjoy painting. 


Beauty is an experience, it’s not the property of an object.” - Elina Gregoriou (Wellbeing in Interiors)


I've enjoyed creating from a young age. I went to art school and later started working as a graphic designer while pursuing my degree in Interior Design. Today I have a rewarding career using these skills at an architecture practice in Winchester while I create the projects you'll find here in my
own time.

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