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I've worked as a Graphic Designer for over fifteen years, creating both print and digital media in commercial advertising and marketing. I'm deeply passionate about art, illustration and design and have dedicated my career to producing work across all of these fields. Whether freelance or full-time, I've enjoyed working with individuals, internationally recognised brands and in-house teams.


Jenn is a talented creative. She led the design team at Bullitt and delivered some really innovative and cut through design work for web, digital, marketing, print, event space and increasingly video. She has been the guardian of the Bullitt brand and its partner brands, bringing them to life with great attention to detail. It has been a pleasure to work with Jenn

- Linda Summers, CMO, Bullitt-Group (2019)

Jenn possesses a thorough knowledge of design best practice from print to digital and web, and is experienced with the entire sales funnel, getting heavily involved from the product conception stage right through to after sales in order to obtain a deeper understanding of our products and customers.

- Natalie Turner, Social & Content Manager, Bullitt-Group (2016)

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