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Your art print is hand printed in rich black onto high-quality 80gsm Hahnemühle Sumi-e paper, cut to A4, and ready to frame. Your package will be carefully wrapped and shipped in a hardened envelope. Due to the nature of hand-printing, every print is unique and may feature variations in print flecks or print impression.


What is Sumi-e Paper?

Sumi-e paper was developed to withstand the loose, heavy brush strokes of ancient  Sumi-e painting techniques, developed in China in the 5th century and later spread to Japan in the 12th century. Although light at just 80gsm, it's a very strong paper fibre with a course texture and beautiful semi-transparent finish, perfect for modern hand-printing. Due to it's sealed surface, ink retains it's rich colour and doesn't bleed into the paper.

A5 Art Print - Acanthus Leaf

  • A5

    210x145 mm

    5.7 x 8.26 inches

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